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It's easy to be intimidated by the prospect of studying abroad. We want to assist you accomplish your ambition of studying overseas.
A good test result can be attributed to acceptance towards the prestigious college. Come join us for a test preparation class and discover your true potential.
We acknowledge having appropriate counseling on various programs and associated career opportunities is crucial, especially when you are in a new nation with a new atmosphere.
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Here, we assist you with your dream of overseas education. Lakehead Education is a recognized study abroad consultancy with an ethical and transparent approach through which we connect with all aspiring visionaries in our country, who are simply interested in acquiring a higher qualification outside of the country. We are located in Kathmandu's core, Putalisadak.

Class Conduction and Test Preparation

We are a prominent exam preparation institute that focuses on TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, DUOLINGO, SAT, GRE, and GMAT preparations that assist students and professionals in achieving their targeted score. Lakehead Education's expert professors and test-practice facilities enable you to reach your intended score as our team of training and teaching knowledge has been accumulated over several years of professional experience, with a plethora of information and is geared to assist students with straightforward learning techniques to exceed the test. We supply all of the required materials, methods, and techniques that will help you prepare and accomplish your stated goal, as well as practice exams to set you up for the real test.

Free Abroad Study Counseling

Studying and living overseas is one of the most arduous and life-changing professional decisions a person can undertake. Each individual is distinctive in terms of their own ambitions, objectives, and inclinations. Individuals, on the other hand, can be extensively grouped based on the type of student they are and the type of education they desire, and all of these groupings can contribute to the development of a solid student profile.

With the guidance of our expert, each individual will receive assistance in selecting the best international study location as we provide free guidance and counseling with the intent of maximizing your application process. We understand how to simplify and ease the stressful procedures of the application, documentation, processing, visa application, and interview processes to make them smoother and more goal-oriented, after enrolling over 1000 candidates.

We begin by assessing and evaluating the students, learning about their aims and objectives, interests, and financial situations. Throughout this process, we would want to make absolutely sure we understand what a person as an individual prefers, where they would like to go, and what they hope to achieve by studying overseas. Following that, based on the prerequisites, we assist them in identifying and selecting appropriate colleges and universities.

University or College Selection

Lakehead Education’s team of experts assists students to choose the type of program they wish to apply for and directs them to the module, which in itself is crucial if the applicant isn’t clear about what discipline they want to pursue. We acknowledge individuals’ aspirations and ambitions and work with them to make a success. We not only guide them with their academics but also help them find the greatest professional possibilities.

There are numerous international institutions, so narrowing down the list to the top options that are best appropriate to your description can become a challenging task. In this regard, our educational counselors play an important role because we work with a team of specialists to find and obtain the best university and course in the best country. After we've determined your personal and professional objectives, we'll delve deeply to identify colleges and universities that provide courses that are coherent with your career trajectory and select universities from the list that are the best fit for you in terms of education, credentials, financial budget, locations, and much more. We begin the application procedure after deciding on a university.

Entire Admissions Assistance

Varying nations and universities may have diverse requirements, which can lead to student perplexity. Secondly, universities and their admission procedure information gained over the internet are overburdened with far too much data, which just adds to the ambiguity. In the midst of the turmoil, our experts at Lakehead guide you through a series of questionnaires to correlate your scenario to the appropriate institution and course. We stay up to date on university criteria so that you have the best chance of getting your application approved. There are a number of standards and questions that must be answered as part of the admissions process. All through the procedure, we provide process-by-process directions.

Entire admission operations, such as filling out admission documents, are supervised on a one-to-one basis. We are devoted to providing elevated services and an excellent learning environment that meets all of the expectations of our students. We can align our students with the best alternative based on their educational history, life aspirations, and passions because we interact with multiple ranges of educational environments. We can help with financial assistance and scholarship applications. We help students with each and every step along the way, from scholarship research
to application submission.

Precise Documentation Guidance

The Documentation Service at Lakehead is focused on assisting students with preparing documents and legal procedural norms. Academic papers, SOPs, LORs, resumes, essays, application forms, and financial paperwork are all vital in getting your application accepted, and our counselors deliver step-by-step guidance on them all. You can receive comprehensive guidance on everything from assessing to submitting your application to universities. The SOP is by far the most crucial component of your application. With each application, international students need to submit a Statement of Purpose that highlights their career trajectory and intentions. Our skilled professionals can assist you in developing an excellent SOP that fits your needs. Through a well-written SOP, we support you in securing admission to the university or institution of your choice.

Interview Preparation for Visas

The most momentous part of the visa application and approval procedure is the visa interview. Our expertise assists students with the admissions process as well as interviews with the High Commission or Embassies. Our team emphasizes this domain, integrating students' knowledge and professional acquisition for greater performance. Confidence and specific responses are key to acing every interview. We therefore provide a collection of frequently asked questions that students can utilize to develop a better understanding of the techniques they'll need to thrive.

Many students find it challenging to undergo a visa interview. They also develop disdain as a direct consequence of visa denial due to inadequate documentation and strategy. Our counselors thoroughly educate students so that they do not have to contend with such an unfortunate situation.
Lakehead’s counselors not only facilitate the documentation, but they also offer guidance on how to improve an individual's probability of gaining a visa. Our initiatives have been substantiated by our extremely proven track record of success.

Accomodation Guidance

We do provide realistic information on the expense associated with studying in different destination. This category includes tuition, living expenses, and other expenses. More specifically, we share information on what to expect after you arrive in the other country, such as accommodation.


Briefing Before Departure

While relocating to a new nation, you may experience a high level of competence, and it's reasonable to be both anxious and excited and nervous about the uncertainty. Any student will perceive the process of successfully adapting to the demands of a new study environment in a different cultural background as daunting. Although educational attainment will indeed be your main focus, you should really take advantage of the numerous possibilities for individual development and prosperity that will emerge. The ultimate goal is to maximize the resources and opportunities that have been presented to you. From the moment students arrive at Lakehead until the day before they depart for their intended destination, we have highly qualified and courteous advisors who are delighted to accommodate them. Students can attend pre-departure briefings to learn about the impending circumstances at their study destination. This sort of briefing will benefit students by building their confidence and performance by making it easier for them to build a solid foundation.

Visa Application Support

The first and most massive step in studying overseas is applying for a visa. With the support of our professional team of counselors, we equip students throughout the visa application procedure. The overall operation is conveniently overseen personally, which raises the chances of obtaining a
visa. Furthermore, all students receive free visa counseling, help, and preparation for interviews.

Looking for Quality Abroad Education?

Lakehead Education is a well-known study abroad consultant who takes a transparent and ethical approach to interacting with all ambitious dreamers in our country who are really looking for a higher certification outside of the country. Come visit us in Putalisadak; we're eager to help you accomplish your goal of studying abroad.

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I had a great experience at Lakehead. I got to learn so much from them in so little time.

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The visa process was hassle-free. They will assist you in a very good way. Great Consultancy!

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I got a very good score as they give you very good tips and tricks. Nice Consultancy.

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